Should you sell shares of Cenntro Electric Group Ltd (CENN) on Friday morning?

Cenntro Electric Group Ltd (CENN) fell on Friday morning, with the stock falling -1.37% pre-market to 1.44. CENN’s short-term technical score of 11 indicates that the stock has traded less bullishly over the past month than 89% of stocks in the market. In the automaker industry, which ranks 119 out of 146 industries, CENN ranks above 18% of the stock. Cenntro Electric Group Ltd has fallen 37.07% over the past month, closing at $2.11 on April 1. During this period, the stock fell as low as $1.43 and as low as $2.30.

CENN has an overall score of 4. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the ranking on CENN!

Cenntro Electric Group Ltd has a long-term technical ranking of 3. This means trading over the past 200 trading days has placed the company in the bottom half of the stock, with 97% of the market scoring higher. In the automaker industry, which is number 138 by this metric, CENN ranks better than 7% of the stock.

Important dates for CENN investors:

-Cenntro Electric Group Ltd is expected to publish its results on 24/07/2022. Over the past 12 months, the company reported EPS of -$0.01. -We do not have a fixed dividend date for Cenntro Electric Group Ltd at this time. Click here for the full report on Cenntro Electric Group Ltd (CENN)

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