Race Oncology Ltd has new preclinical data published in the prestigious journal Cancer Research, shares

Race Oncology Ltd (ASX:RAC) has seen two of its peer-reviewed abstracts published in the prestigious scientific journal Cancer Research, with stocks trading higher as a result.

The two abstracts, published by research collaborators linked to Professor Jianjun Chen, a member of Race’s scientific advisory board, further highlighted the potential of lead candidate and cancer drug Zantrene® as a targeted inhibitor of the protein fat mass and obesity (FTO) and as an anti-cancer.

Essentially, the first abstract demonstrates the ability of Zantrene to target FTO in pancreatic cancer suppression, while the second outlines how Zantrene could be used as an adjunct therapy to 5-FU chemotherapy for patients with of colorectal cancer.

Resistance to 5-FU is an important clinical issue, as this drug remains a mainstay in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Ultimately, the latest results add to Race’s own preclinical and clinical data, which indicate Zantrene’s potential in targeting FTO in acute myeloid leukemia (AML), melanoma and kidney cancer.

Investors reacted positively, sending RAC shares up 10.89% to A$1.68 while the company’s market capitalization is around A$263.14 million.

Growing interest in Zantrene

Race Oncology Scientific Director Dr Daniel Tillett said: “This very promising research further highlights the emergence of Zantrene as an extremely potent inhibitor of FTO – one of the central proliferative genes of many cancers.

“We are excited to see interest and use in constructing Zantrene, thanks to the efforts of great researchers like our collaborator Professor Chen and his colleagues.”

Race believes the research, which explores Zantrene’s usefulness in pancreatic and colorectal cancer, complements his own findings that Zantrene can inhibit FTO in AML, melanoma and clear cell renal cell carcinoma.