Noble: New Asset Co Ltd Senior Secured PIK Notes Due 2022


(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

Noble New Asset Co Ltd Senior Secured PIK Notes Due 2022

The Board of Directors (the “Plank“) of Noble Group Holdings Limited (“NGHL” and with its subsidiaries, the “NGHL Group“) refers to the Senior Secured PIK Notes due 2022 (“Tickets 2022“) issued by NGHL’s wholly owned subsidiary, Noble New Asset Co Limited.

Terms agreed

The Board is pleased to report that the terms have been agreed (“Terms agreed“) with an ad hoc group (“Ad hoc group“) holding more than 75% of the A2 and B tranches of the 2022 Bonds.

The Agreed Terms will extend the redemption date of the 2022 Bonds under revised terms and conditions for a period of two years beyond the current redemption date (“Repayment date“) until June 20, 2024.

The Agreed Conditions will be documented in the coming days and should be formally approved by the holders of the 2022 Bonds (the Ad Hoc Group holds 2022 Bonds representing more than the required majority) and effective before the Redemption Date.

Other announcements

The Council will make further announcements, as appropriate, on its website at:

Caution Warning

Shareholders, potential investors and holders of existing debt and other NGHL Group securities are urged to exercise caution when trading NGHL Group securities.

June 8, 2022


About Noble Group Holdings Limited

Noble Group Holdings Limited (“NGHL”) owns two main assets: (1) an interest in an unincorporated joint venture with the Jamaican government that owns the assets, liabilities and operations of Jamalco, a bauxite mining producer and alumina in Jamaica; and (2) a “transparent” beneficial interest in the shares of Harbor Energy PLC (listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol: HBR), an oil and gas exploration and production company.

On February 7, 2022, as part of a deleveraging and reorganization, ownership of Noble Trading Co Limited (“TradingCo”) and its subsidiaries was transferred to a newly incorporated company called Noble Resources Trading Limited. Following this transfer, NGHL no longer has any ownership of the commodity trading business owned by TradingCo.

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