James Andrew Charles Robinson sells 6,600 shares of Standard Lithium Ltd (TSE:SLI)

Standard Lithium Ltd (TSE:SLI – Get Rating) Senior Officer James Andrew Charles Robinson sold 6,600 shares in a trade that took place on Friday June 17th. The shares were sold at an average price of CA$5.70, for a total value of CA$37,620.00. Following the transaction, the insider now owns 2,070,244 shares of the company, valued at C$11,800,390.80.

James Andrew Charles Robinson also recently made the following trade(s):

  • On Friday, June 10, James Andrew Charles Robinson sold 9,869 shares of Standard Lithium. The shares were sold at an average price of C$6.87, for a total value of C$67,770.42.

Separately, Stifel Nicolaus launched coverage on Standard Lithium in a research report on Tuesday, March 15. They set a “buy” rating and a target price of C$13.00 for the company.

About standard lithium (Get an evaluation)

Standard Lithium is an innovative lithium technology and development company. The company’s flagship project is located in southern Arkansas, where it is engaged in testing and proving the commercial viability of extracting lithium from more than 150,000 acres of licensed brine operations. . The company has commissioned its first utility-scale direct lithium extraction demonstration plant at the LANXESS South Plant in southern Arkansas.

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