ITC Ltd Q4FY22 PAT up 11.72% to Rs4,196 crore on strong EBIT growth in the cigarettes business

ITC Ltd reported a 15.43% increase in revenue year-on-year for the quarter of Q4FY22 on a consolidated basis at Rs16,556 crore. Sequentially, revenue was down for the quarter by -3.23%.

FY22 revenue increased by 22.3% to Rs 64,618 million. For Q4FY22, ITC recorded year-over-year revenue growth across all key verticals viz. cigarettes,

Consumer products, hotels, agri-food and in the cardboard sector. Cash from operations improved in FY22 to Rs 15,776 crore due to significantly lower funds locked up in inventory.

Consolidated net profit for Q4FY22 increased by 11.72% to Rs4,196 crore. Net earnings increased 3.43% on a sequential basis. Here is the EBIT performance by division.

Cigarettes saw EBIT increase by 11.9% to Rs4357 crore, FMCG saw EBIT increase by 30.4% to Rs239 crore, Agriculture business saw EBIT increase by 31, 9% to Rs244 crore, Boxes saw EBIT increase by 39.3% to Rs450 crore. The EBIT of hotels remained in deficit.

Net margins were 25.34% in Q4FY22, compared to 26.18% in Q4FY21. NPM was higher compared to 23.71% at T3FY22. The board approved a final dividend of Rs 6.25 per share, bringing the total dividend to Rs 11.50.

Financial highlights for March 22 compared year-over-year and sequential


Rs to Crore

March 22

March 21st


December 21

Total income (Rs cr) ₹16,555.53 ₹14,342.27 15.43% ₹17,108.16 -3.23%
Net profit (Rs cr) ₹4,195.69 ₹3,755.47 11.72% ₹4,056.73 3.43%
Diluted EPS (Rs) ₹3.40 ₹3.05 ₹3.29
Net margins 25.34% 26.18% 23.71%