Eclipse Metals Ltd identifies abnormal lithium concentrations in a multi-product project in Greenland

“Recognition of the highly anomalous lithium is an exciting step in our work and allows us to better understand the complex, multi-raw material mineralization at Ivigtût,” said President Carl Popal.

Recent spot sampling by Eclipse Metals Ltd (ASX:EPM) at its Ivigtût (or Ivittuut) and Grønnedal-Ika prospects in southwest Greenland revealed elevated lithium concentrations of up to 430 ppm lithium oxide.

These new results further highlight the polymetallic nature of the historic Ivigtût cryolite mine and the adjacent Grønnedal-Ika carbonatite complex.

The grab sample marks the first lithium assessment undertaken at Ivigtût. Its Greenland multi-commodity project, previously operated for cryolite at Ivigtût, has never been explored for lithium.

Eclipse Metals is planning systematic sampling and drilling to better constrain Ivigtût’s lithium potential.

Recognizing the importance of this to the EPM, investors sent shares up to 23.1% higher this morning at $0.032.

“Exciting Stage”

Eclipse Metals Executive Chairman Carl Popal said, “Our grab sampling program at Ivigtût has identified cryolithionite, a fluorinated lithium-bearing mineral that was first identified at the historic Ivigtût mine in early 1900s.

“While cryolithionite was known at Ivigtût, previous operators had no interest in lithium and therefore did not analyze it.

“The recognition of highly anomalous lithium is an exciting step in our work and allows us to better understand the complex and multi-commodity mineralization of Ivigtût.”

Highlight the polymetallic character

Abnormal lithium concentrations at Ivigtût are associated with cryolithionite, jarlite, muscovite, biotite and zinnwaldite.

The Ivigtût samples represent cryolite-fluoritesiderite mining dump material, with lithium most likely occurring in cryolithionite (Li3Na3Al2F12), a globally rare lithium-containing fluorine mineral first described at Ivigtût.

Further work is needed to determine which mineral(s) contain(s) the anomalous lithium identified in an aplite dyke cutting the Grønnedal-Ika carbonatite complex.

New lithium assay results from Eclipse Metals further highlight the polymetallic character of the historic Ivigtût cryolite mine and adjacent Grønnedal-Ika carbonatite complex, offering the potential to define rare earth elements (REE) , precious and base metals and industrial mineral resources in this highly mineralized mine. Project area.

Cryolithionite at Ivigtût is known to occur as crystals, up to 19 centimeters long, in massive cryolite and sideritecryolite, cryolite veins and fluorite-cryolite breccia.

In addition to Ivigtût, the type locality for this fluorinated mineral, cryolithionite has also been reported from the Gasberg topaz-cryolite mine in Russia and from the Zapot pegmatite near Hawthorne, Nevada.

Lithium concentrations in 268 cryolite samples from the Ivigtût mine were reported in an academic paper in 1986 and it shows lithium concentrations ranging from 78 to 153 ppm lithium.

Other lithium-bearing minerals identified at Ivigtût include jarlite (400-800 ppm lithium), muscovite (111-315 ppm lithium), biotite (5,812 ppm lithium), and zinnwaldite (16,710 ppm lithium). lithium).

Although these new discoveries are encouraging, a more systematic sampling and drilling approach is needed to better constrain the lithium potential at Ivigtût.