Coffee with Samso: Pan Asia Metals Ltd

Coffee with Samso Episode 144 with Paul Lock, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Pan Asia Metals Ltd (ASX:PAM) is about the next steps in making Thailand’s lithium story a reality.

The company has transformed since our last conversation in May 2021. The company’s market capitalization has tripled since our first Coffee with Samso. The story of a company that aspires to become a lithium producer close to the big car manufacturers is now at a concrete stage of the journey.

Pan Asia Metals is now set to announce its first mineral resource estimate which will highlight the true potential of the business. Pan Asia Metals is poised to establish itself as a mature lithium player on the ASX.

Our market is on our doorstep: the Eastern Economic Corridor in Thailand – where there is a strong push for LIBs and EVs. Thailand is the 4th largest automobile producer in Asia and the largest in Southeast Asia and has a very comprehensive policy on electric vehicles and batteries, as it wants to maintain its position in the market.

Some viewers watching this story may feel a significant jurisdictional issue. However, Paul Lock does some supporting stories that explain why he’s so confident of making this story work for his shareholders.

In the past, there was no real demand for lithium, so there was no focus on cost structures. Today, with growing demand, there is a growing focus on mining more for less – cost structures seem better. This is what is happening in China.

As the market consolidates with recent turbulent moves, it’s one more argument to find the right company with management that has the right strategy.

The reason we are in Southeast Asia is that we want to be competitive and close to our consumers. It’s about being low on the cost curve so you can weather the long-term market cycle.

Generally, investors look for short-term price cycles. We have to consider the long-term price cycle because our projects have to be bankable.

Pan Asia Metals aims to build a business that has low operating cost, low CAPEX and a viable business. Take time to watch Paul deliver his thoughts on the history of Pan Asia Metal.


00:00 Start

00:20 Presentation

00:58 Paul introduces Pan Asia Metals Limited.

02:17 Localization of PAM projects.

02:46 Reasons why PAM is in Thailand.

03:48 Thai Ministry delegation visiting the project area.

04:17 Deliverables. How has the market reacted to your trading strategy?

07:11 What are the challenges of the project?

10:16 Is the lithium mica treatment discussion settled?

11:55 Lithium mica minerals are now part of the Lithium family.

13:51 It’s all about the market.

14:23 The lithium story – Lots of lithium in the ground but processing is the bottleneck.

16:35 What path does PAM take to become a producer?

6:50 p.m. Future of the lithium space in the battery.

20:27 Can PAM be played because it is a small company?

23:16 Jurisdiction risk investing outside of Australia?

28:39 Countering the question of competence.

28:58 Complying with ESG makes things work.

29:40 Good business leaders drive the process.

30:34 News feed.

32:32 Why is PAM flying under the radar?

34:42 Why PAM?

36:32 conclusion


About Paul Lock

Executive Chairman and Managing Director

Member of AUSIMM

Pan Asian Metals

Paul has been involved in mineral exploration in Southeast Asia since 2012, his work in this region forming the basis of what is now Pan Asia Metals.

Prior to Pan Asia Metals, Paul was a corporate advisor at Everspring Partners, a Sydney-based advisory firm he founded. Prior to Everspring, Paul worked in corporate advisory and leveraged finance roles at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA). Paul initially focused on financing enterprise projects and unique assets in the resource sector before moving into leveraged financing for private equity initiatives, then in an advisory role to businesses where he was industry agnostic and focused on generating business deals.

Prior to banking, Paul worked for Rothschild & Co in Australia, where he was a derivatives trader and high yield bond investor, focusing on a variety of asset classes, typically distressed or complex assets. Paul has also been involved in structuring derivatives solutions for resource companies in conjunction with the Rothschild corporate advisory team. Prior to Rothschild, Paul worked for Japanese trading conglomerate Marubeni Corporation in the commodities trading division.

Paul is a graduate of the Hale School in Perth, Western Australia, and holds the following academic degrees: MA in Political Economy, University of Sydney; MA in International Studies, University of Sydney; Masters in Commercial Law, Macquarie University; Master of Business Administration, Macquarie Graduate School of Management; and Bachelor of Commerce, Marcus Oldham College. Paul is an associate member of AusIMM.

About Pan Asia Metals Limited

Pan Asia Metals Limited (Pan Asia Metals Ltd (ASX:PAM)) is an explorer and developer of batteries and critical metals focused on identifying and developing projects in Asia that have the potential to position Pan Asia Metals to produce metallic compounds and other values. -added products in high demand in the region.

Pan Asia Metals currently has two lithium projects and one tungsten project. The projects are located in Thailand, an advanced low-cost industrial economy, and align with Pan Asia Metal’s strategy to develop value-added downstream opportunities located in low-cost environments close to end-market users.

Complementing Pan Asia Metal’s existing project portfolio, a target generation program identifies desirable assets in the region. Through the program, Pan Asia Metals has a pipeline of target opportunities that are in various stages of review. In the coming years, Pan Asia Metals plans to develop its existing projects while expanding its portfolio through targeted and value-creating acquisitions.

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